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Children’s Dental Services in Edina, MN

Your child’s oral health is important, even when their smile is mostly baby teeth. With the aid of our on-staff family dentist, we help your child develop a healthy smile for life. 44th Street Dental provides children’s dental care in Edina, Linden Hills, and all Southwest Minneapolis communities.

Establishing Patient Comfort

The initial hurdle in providing children’s dental care is to help them feel comfortable seeing a dentist. Otherwise, in addition to making immediate treatment more difficult, the child will be less likely to visit a dentist as an adult. When your family visits our Edina children’s dental practice, patients receive our undivided attention to help them relax. Our family dentist, Dr. Veker, has helped children as young as two years old enjoy dental visits.

Patient Education

A significant part of addressing childhood dental anxiety is helping them understand what dentistry is. Most children are uncomfortable when they do not know why treatment is necessary, how it is performed, and what needs to be done to prevent recurring oral health issues. Our dentist and staff at 44th Street Dental devote a significant portion of our time to educating young patients about their care.

Some of the tools we use for this include:

  • Educational Videos
  • Brushing and Hygiene Demonstrations
  • Habit-Breaking Tools

Children’s Services

Once our dentist and staff have helped your child feel comfortable in the operatory, we can then perform the dental treatments they need.

At its most basic, a child’s dental visit begins with a thorough examination and comfortable cleaning. These visits may also include preliminary orthodontic exams; Dr. Veker carefully looks for the signs of developing teeth alignment issues and coordinates preventive care with a specialist. If your child is experiencing tooth decay, our dentist gently places fillings or crowns to restore the affected teeth.

Additionally, our practice has a dental laser on hand in the event a frenectomy is necessary. A frenulum of the tongue or lip can sometimes be too short and thick to allow movement. By performing a frenectomy, we give your child the freedom they need to eat and speak normally.

Contact Us for Children’s Dentistry

As providers of dentistry to the whole family, 44th Street Dental offers children’s dental care in Edina and to all Southwest Minneapolis suburbs. We can help your child maintain a healthy smile whether you live near or far. For more information, call us and schedule an appointment for your family today.

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