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Cosmetic Dental Services

A beautiful set of teeth brings confidence. Imperfections in the smile, no matter how small, can greatly affect the way teeth appear in conjunction with other facial features. Dr. Steven J. Veker, Dr. Carl Schneider and his team provide cosmetic dental services to boost self-esteem and reach an appealing smile.

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Damage, decay, misalignment, discoloration, and missing teeth all affect the aesthetics of your smile. Our team offers several improvement options to fill gaps, reshape teeth, and restore your smile’s appearance.

At the forefront of our dental care is improving health. We ensure a patient’s oral health is in good standing; this prolongs enhancements and provides long-lasting results. 

Cosmetic Options We Offer at Our Edina Practice

Bonding and white fillings fill minor chips or cavities on teeth with tooth-colored resin. This material easily blends with the rest of the smile.

Veneers adjust the size, shape, and color of teeth while covering imperfections and completely refashioning the most prominent teeth. This procedure affixes porcelain shells over teeth surfaces and addresses a wide range of aesthetic problems.

Bleaching utilizes professional-grade whitening material to gently lift stains. We offer both take-home and in-office options to allow patients to whiten their smile in the manner that is a most convenient for them.

Porcelain or zirconia crowns rebuild the structure of individual teeth while enhancing aesthetics. Our white crowns are color-matched to easily blend in with the adjacent teeth. Additionally, we offer CEREC same-day crown services as an option for faster results.

Bridges fill gaps between teeth using a dental prosthetic crafted to look like a small group of teeth. These prosthetics are secured to adjacent healthy teeth with crowns, stabilizing the prosthetic.

Dental implants, while mainly restorative, can completely replace a missing tooth from root to crown. This, in turn, improves jaw health and prevents a prematurely aged look. Additionally, receiving dental implants also prevents adjacent teeth from shifting out of alignment, helping preserve an ideal structure for the smile.

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When your smile looks good, life just feels better. 44th Street Dental is dedicated to helping patients across Hennepin County. Schedule your next appointment with our Edina dentists today, and discover personalized cosmetic treatments to bring out your most beautiful smile yet.

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