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Nitrous Oxide

At 44th Street Dental, your comfort is one of our main priorities. We make an extended effort to ensure visits to our practice are as relaxing as they are enjoyable. Our Edina dental practice is certified to offer sedation-assisted dental care with nitrous oxide for those with anxieties or discomfort.

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Relaxed Dental Care in Edina, MN

As gentle as we make our treatments, many patients may still fear the dentist. This can be the result of a sensitive dental anatomy while undergoing treatment or a previous poor experience. These issues can prevent individuals from receiving the necessary dental care to maintain their best oral health.

Sedation dentistry helps patients with dental anxiety receive the care they need to keep their smile fully functional and free from tartar buildup. Assisted dental care makes many restorative and routine dental procedures accessible to those who would otherwise avoid treatment.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is an inhalant that eases patients into a comfortable state, allowing our doctors to gently perform several dental procedures in a single visit. This mild relaxant reduces anxiety and puts patients in a twilight state, where they are responsive but completely comfortable. Patients will still be able to respond to questions but will be limited in their ability to perform complex cognitive activities.

In addition to settling nerves, sedation dentistry allows our dentists to perform several procedures all in one visit, reducing the time spent receiving treatment.

Patients that undergo sedation-assisted treatment with nitrous oxide are generally clear of any side-effects, as the inhalant wears off shortly after medication has stopped. Patients will be able to drive shortly after their visit as soon as nitrous oxide has left their system.

Committed to Our Patients Safety

We take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our patients. Our team first does a complete medical history screening to detect any present allergies. 44th Street Dental assistants stand beside patients every step of the way, monitoring their vital signs throughout to ensure procedures go exactly as planned.

As per our careful administration of nitrous oxide, patients from children to the elderly can be candidates to receive sedation-assisted dental care.

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Sedation dentistry has been proven to be completely safe, making this treatment an easy choice for patients with higher levels of anxiety.

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