Same-Day Crowns

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Single-Visit Restorations in Edina, MN

Restoring the structural health of teeth is a critical part of proper dental care. However, the waiting and discomfort of a traditional fabrication process leave much to be desired. Our practice instead chooses to use a more convenient, comfortable process. 44th Street Dental offers same-day dental crowns in Edina, with service to families from Linden Hills and all other Southwest Minneapolis communities.

Advanced Crown Treatment

Patients require crowns when their teeth are weakened, a condition commonly caused by tooth decay. Alternatively, cracks form on a tooth as a result of facial injuries.

To restore your teeth with crowns, Dr. Veker and Dr. Schneider use the CEREC® system we have at our Edina dental practice.

CEREC is a device that combines a design software platform with a milling machine. Our dentists use impressions of your smile and the CEREC software to carefully plan out the crowns you need. Guided by these designs, the milling device then fabricates a crown out of a block of porcelain. 44th Street Dental can manufacture up to three fully-ceramic crowns within a single dental appointment.

The Benefits of Immediate Crowns

Crowns are classically sent to a dental laboratory for development and take two weeks to complete. A temporary prosthetic covers your tooth during this time. Unfortunately, many patients find this arrangement uncomfortable, especially if the final crown must be returned to the lab due to an improper fit.

With CEREC same-day crowns, the waiting and temporaries are not necessary. You receive your crowns as soon as your tooth is ready for the prosthetic.

Is CEREC Right for Me?

Same-day porcelain crowns are an effective choice for most patients. However, there are some cases where immediate crowns, or even crowns developed through CEREC, are not the best solution.

One situation in which immediate crowns are inappropriate is right after a root canal therapy. Crowns are typically necessary to seal the treated tooth from recurring decay. However, the tooth needs a little time to heal after the procedure before it can host a crown. Alternatively, some cases can have the tooth repaired with a filling instead of a crown.

Additionally, crowns are not always able to be made of porcelain. This ceramic material is effective in most cases, but some oral health conditions bypass its durability. In these uncommon situations, our dentists must use an external dental lab to fabricate a metal crown.

Contact Us for Restorative Dental Care

44th Street Dental provides CEREC same-day crowns to Edina and all nearby areas. We help your teeth recover from decay in a convenient, comfortable manner. Call our practice and schedule your appointment today to see if these restorations are right for you.


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